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San Antonio Pest Removal

The natural order of the animal world is a wonder to behold, but it’s not a wonder that was meant to intrude into our own homes. When pests worm their way onto private property, they bring any number of risks. When that happens, the best thing to do is call our San Antonio pest removal professionals for safe and efficient removal. 

C6 Pest Control serves English and Spanish-speaking residents alike, throughout Bexar County and into the surrounding communities. 

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Removing Pests of All Kinds in Bexar County & Beyond

Bats can be dangerous to a home in many ways. They carry diseases like rabies, and they can damage to the property by chewing through electrical wiring and insulation. What’s more, the noise they make during nesting season can be disruptive to those living in the home. 

Squirrels are fast and nimble, often rendering homemade traps ineffective. A professional with experience in removal can assess the situation and provide a tailored solution for each homeowner’s needs. Our San Antonio pest removal techs follow proper safety protocols, that include protecting oneself from the diseases squirrels may be carrying.

Rodents are one of the most common pests that can cause damage to homes and businesses. They may chew through insulation, drywall, and other materials in search of food or a place to nest. Their droppings and urine can spread diseases or contaminate stored materials, including food and clothing. It is important to take immediate action if a rodent problem is so much as suspected. 

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Bexar County is home to several species of snakes, including the Western rat snake, copperhead, cottonmouth, coral snake, and rattlesnake. Trapping and removal of a snake without the proper tools and training can be dangerous and may result in injury. Our San Antonio pest removal pros understand not just how to remove a snake safely, but what the appropriate places are for relocation. 

All of these animals, and more, have two things in common—they are vital to our ecosystem. And they are a real problem to have around the house. 

Homeowners that work with C6 Pest Control get the efficient and humane removal of these pests, as well as a responsible evaluation of the property aimed at sealing up entry points and preventing future infestations. 

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  • “Much cheaper than the competition in San Antonio. We have great service at our apartment complex. Always on time and consistent. Highly recommend working with them.” - David D.
  • “We've been with C 6 for many years and have received nothing but outstanding service. The crew are friendly & personable and the office staff are courteous, communicative, and professional.” - Jeff D.
  • “I can not express how happy I am with C-6! They try their best to work with our community and as a client, I appreciate that! So C-6 comes HIGHLY recommended by me to all of our neighbors!” - Grace L.
  • “I'm very happy with their service. I have been using them for the last 6 years. They are prompt, friendly and courteous every time I talk to them.” - Kelly C.
  • “They really helped me out with setting up my Pest Control Services. He not only gave me more information of the ins and outs, but also for the future home I wish to buy.” - Theo L.
  • “In working with C6 they have proven to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. They were able to explain services and pricings, along with educating me on the procedures of the C6 service agreement.” - Regina R.

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